The Lighter Side of Darkness

by admin, May 27, 2014

A Question frequently asked: Who and what is your targeted market? 

Answer: The Broken, Misguided, Confused, Backslider, Those that lack Spirituality, Sufferer, Tormented and Lost. T…hose that remain on the outside looking in. Those that believe in GOD but have not established a relationship with HIM. Those who never look or read The BIBLE. Those that only will acknowledge HIM after a living a life of lewd and lasciviousness whose plan is to only call on JESUS while on their death bed. You know YOU and I. The sole purpose of The Lighter Side of Darkness is to plant the Seed of Righteousness. JESUS WILL NURTURE THAT SEED WHICH WILL BLOSSOM, for HE is the COMFORTER that GOD had promised. If you don’t know hopefully my book will stir up the HOLY SPIRIT that resides in us all.

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