GV9: SOULFUL WAYS: THE DJ Review by Troy “Pappy” Johnson

by admin, May 3, 2015

GV9Soulful Ways: The DJ, is truly a must see for those who have an appreciation for the Maestros of Turntable-ism. With the technological advancement of music and sound from vinyl to computers, IPod’s, MP 3/4 Players and CD’s leaves one to question whether the art form of The DJ is lost. The infallible answer to this question is, “HELL NO!!” What this film does is allow you to explore the techniques of a Disc Jockey or in this case “The Turn-tablist”. The mindset of these musically talented individuals express originality coupled with being true to the Hip Hop culture. Understanding the dynamics in reconstructing tracks & beats to manipulate the crowd, while never loosing the tempo of its hypnotized listeners requires a good ear, skill and precision. These fundamentals are only acquired through practice, practice and oh yeah, more practice. The movie squashes the myth behind the DJ, “just dropping records”. Maybe, that’s how it was before Hip Hop. Thanks to the producer Bob Bryan, this footage helps bring turntable-ism to be recognized as a true art form of American music. After viewing this flick you will learn that there are key elements that allow the DJ to be a unique artist. Mixing, scratching, cueing, spinning, cross-fading, improvisation and free-styling just to name a few. These things coupled with a lyrical genius (an MC), creates a rhythmic groove that will surely move the crowd. They do it for the love. It is their profession, it is their business and thanks to this film you will have a better understanding as to how complicated it is “to do the damn thing”.