GV8: THE 5th ELEMENT, THE ART OF THE BEATBOX Review by Troy “Pappy” Johnson

by admin, May 3, 2015

GV8The Art of the Beat Box, oh what a remarkable concept of music. Who could have imagined that the oral cavity of a human could create such a dynamic cacophony of tones, moans & groans? This uncanny head banging, tongue twisting, lip flapping, deep burping, nose blowing symphonic composition is truly an art form of rarity and originality. Once again Hip-Hop has spawned a revolutionary genre of music that is true to the game. You see, Beat Boxing was birth on the streets of NYC for rappers who desired music to kick a rhyme when there was no music available. When an MC infused his/her rap with the bobbing & weaving of a Beat Boxer, it took the soulful experience to another level. What GV8 reveals to us is that these musicians/artist improvised by using what God gave them; the ability to mimic sounds that an electronic device (The Beat Box) produced for a whopping fee of $200 or more. A Beat Boxer manipulates his nose, throat & mouth to create tribal rhythms that will have you wondering ‘How’s he doing that?’ By emulating percussions and bass he is able to set the mood emotionally. What this film, The Art of the Beat Box does is allows you to respect the talent that so few possess. It’s a discipline that requires breath control and stamina. In order to master this craft one must be a good listener which will allow you to distinguish the crescendos you are producing. Thanks to this footage you can appreciate such artist as Rahzel, Doug E Fresh, Biz Markie and Darren Robinson “the Human Beat Box” (The Fat Boys), these Kats have earned their respect as pioneers of this magnificent art form. The one thing they all share and recognize is that scatting is a form of vocalism which is not of Hip- Hop so therefore it is not Beat Boxing. Let us give a shot out to Bobby McFerrin, who is dope but he is not a Beat Boxer; he is a Vocal Percussionist. Once again, film Producer, Bob Bryan has captured the pure essence of what Hip-Hop is all about and frankly speaking if he didn’t bring this movie to the forefront I would’ve been one of those who might have “gotten it twisted”.