GV10: HIP-HOP DANCE, MOVING IN THE MOMENT Review by Troy “Pappy” Johnson

by admin, May 3, 2015

GV10Well, Producer Bob Bryan has done it again. GV10: Hip-Hop Dance: Moving in the moment, is an intriguing documentary that had me on the edge of my chair, reminiscing about dance moves I did back in the day and how they’ve evolved into the Hip-Hop genre that we know and love today. Dances like Break-in, Pop Locking, Krumping, Jerking, Waving, Hitting, Walkout and Wacking mixed with power moves and impeccable footwork has revolutionized the slick world of being cool and expressing yo-self on the dance floor “Bustin’ moves as they say back east NYC/Jersey”. As we look back into the hour glass, kats like Kool Herc & the NIGGA TWINS, “that’s right, the Nigga Twins;” Pioneered B-boying which is the foundation of the Hip Hop dance genre. The ‘B’ stood for Bronx, thus Bronx Boys. B-boying/B-girling, take the best dances from all types of cultures manifesting into one expressive dance movement. While honoring a few traditional steps, a Hip-Hop dancer looks deep into his/her arsenal of moves creating their signature style. Displaying a degree of Kung Fu and Gymnastics will always take your game to another level.

He/she prepares by practicing habitually for an eagerly anticipated battle in the critically acclaimed, Perfect Circle. Here on this battlefield is where you get an opportunity to showcase your skills. This is where the crowd realizes that it is the MC & the DJ (please refer to GV9 &11), who sets the stage for this once in a life time experience that has impacted the world and its future. Due to the dancers originality you may or may not see these moves again. The level of competition and complexity is elevated by each improvisational combo, integrating gestures and liquid like moves. The dance allows them to emphasize movement and suggestion to communicate with their bodies. By getting in the middle of the circle meant that you were ready for the challenges thus the battle begins. The dancer’s battle mentality and competitive instinct, place them in a zone of a subconscious level which is controlled by a spirit that allows sequential timing and flawless movement. Their confidence reaches its plateau which gives them the energy to “freak the beat”. What this footage reveals to us is that dancing in a circle has actually been in existence for centuries. The African, Indian, Hispanic and Jewish cultures have exercised this ritual form of dance. Today, free art form of dance is constantly evolving. Mainstream has capitalized on this fact by televising and showcasing these talented artists through weekly competition.

What GV10 does is: allows us to reflect on how the media created Break Dancing from the influences of Hip-Hop and it is through this creation talented artist have been allowed to capitalize off their unique skills. So you can ask yourself; how has the Hip-Hop community contributed to the world of dance? “It freaked it out, that’s how”. The Hip-Hop style of dance has undisputedly redefined modern dance and rejuvenated Pop-culture. “That’s right ya’ll get your cardboard and powder and prepare for battle”.