Gratitude from Film Producer of GV series Bob Bryan by Bob Bryan

What I marvel at is your uncanny ability to “git it” and be “open” enuff as you step to GV10 & channel the inherent dialogue of GV10 and fuse them with yr own personal experience and worldly background knowledge. It makes for compelling reading and has an innate energy that … Continue reading

GV11: Don’t Believe Da Noize! Part 1 Voices from da Hip-Hop Undaground by Troy “Pappy” Johnson

Don’t Believe Da Noize Part 1, brings forth the ideals and confusion about the inception of Hip-Hop and its bonafide culture. We all know and can agree that Hip-Hop originated in the Bronx. What caused this phenomenon? Are you ready for the revelation of the Hip-Hop truth? To answer this … Continue reading

GV10: HIP-HOP DANCE, MOVING IN THE MOMENT Review by Troy “Pappy” Johnson

Well, Producer Bob Bryan has done it again. GV10: Hip-Hop Dance: Moving in the moment, is an intriguing documentary that had me on the edge of my chair, reminiscing about dance moves I did back in the day and how they’ve evolved into the Hip-Hop genre that we know and … Continue reading

GV9: SOULFUL WAYS: THE DJ Review by Troy “Pappy” Johnson

Soulful Ways: The DJ, is truly a must see for those who have an appreciation for the Maestros of Turntable-ism. With the technological advancement of music and sound from vinyl to computers, IPod’s, MP 3/4 Players and CD’s leaves one to question whether the art form of The DJ is … Continue reading

GV8: THE 5th ELEMENT, THE ART OF THE BEATBOX Review by Troy “Pappy” Johnson

The Art of the Beat Box, oh what a remarkable concept of music. Who could have imagined that the oral cavity of a human could create such a dynamic cacophony of tones, moans & groans? This uncanny head banging, tongue twisting, lip flapping, deep burping, nose blowing symphonic composition is … Continue reading