Review by Lady Charmaine Day

As a result of the beautiful illustrations and a masterfully crafted, intriguing, page turner story, I felt like I was watching a very great fiction thriller movie unfold as I was reading the book. The end, I didn’t see coming. All I thought was God has truly blessed Troy “Pappy” … Continue reading

Book Review By David Hammonds

The book is very interesting and I only finished reading half of it. I believe it’s only going to get better as I read further. Its a book I can’t fall to Sleep on because I want to know what Mr Pappy Johnson wrote next. Mr Johnson keep up the … Continue reading

Fresh Take on Good vs. Evil By David D

I thoroughly enjoyed the way Mr. Johnson incorporates an up to date storyline to tell the story of good vs. evil. The Lighter Side of Darkness is appropriately named as Mr. Johnson keeps it light (humorous anecdotes) while delivering a powerful message of redemption, faith and deliverance. The story really … Continue reading


ENGAGING and INTRIGUING!! Mr. Johnson weaves a tapestry of events occurring in two different dimensions (earth and hell) with skill and precision. The LSD is a page-turner as the reader is almost instantly drawn into the dual missions and struggles of Dimitrius (and team) and Father Gabriel (and team). This … Continue reading

Book Review by Point Breeze aka Michael Bell

The Lighter Side of Darkness by Troy ‘Pappy’ Johnson: A Spiritual Thriller I admire individuals who can take the time to put their thoughts and ideas into book form. I regularly visit libraries in any city that I visit. I understand how difficult it can be to create a captivating book … Continue reading

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