Son of God or God Incarnate

The bible contains a great many, what you might call, “Contradictions”. But there probably isn’t one as great as this, was Jesus the son of God, or was he God incarnated in flesh. The scriptures lean in both directions, but how do we know which is true? First things first, … Continue reading

Pleasing to the Eye

Have you ever heard the expression, “Everything that looks good isn’t good for you”? Or maybe you heard this one “Everything that glitters ain’t gold”. These sayings are more than just what one would call proverbial, but rather, great truths. Think about it! Imagine the men who first established societies … Continue reading

What Did I Do (To Deserve This)

We often find ourselves in comprimising predicaments that we feel as if we do not deserve. We ask questions such as “How did this happen to me?”. Have you ever heard the expression “Bad things happen to good people.”? Well, a lot of times bad things do happen   to good … Continue reading

The Right Tool for the Job

When ever something is in need of repair, there is always a certain tool required to fix it. Some repairs require a hammer & nails, & some a drill & screws, there are some that require a specialist to operate these tools. Let’s face it you wouldn’t call a plumber … Continue reading

Punishment & Reward

When I was a child, I used to think that every time I was punished, it was unfair. I didn’t want to take the blame for anything. As I grew older, not much changed. I had heard so many times that honesty was the best policy, & to me that … Continue reading

Out of Satan’s Hand “Into The Arms of Love

I always tell people that God does not make mistakes. He is perfect in all of His ways & the plan that He has for us is divine. He is always watching over us whether you believe in Him or not. No matter who you are, or what you believe, … Continue reading

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