Review by Lady Charmaine Day

by admin, May 3, 2015
As a result of the beautiful illustrations and a masterfully crafted, intriguing, page turner story, I felt like I was watching a very great fiction thriller movie unfold as I was reading the book. The end, I didn’t see coming. All I thought was God has truly blessed Troy “Pappy” Johnson with a beautiful mind to create such an interesting story with incredible plot twists. And I loved the infomercials that were actually pearls of great spiritual wisdom for people to read. Troy “Pappy” Johnson also did a beautiful job of weaving consistent themes through the book. One of the themes was “God is watching”. After reading A Lighter Side Of Darkness I felt a peace that surpassed all understanding because the book did a great job of reinforcing in my mind that God is watching and is in control. I highly recommend A Lighter Side Of Darkness by Troy “Pappy” Johnson.
Lady Charmaine Day