Fresh Take on Good vs. Evil By David D

by admin, May 3, 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed the way Mr. Johnson incorporates an up to date storyline to tell the story of good vs. evil. The Lighter Side of Darkness is appropriately named as Mr. Johnson keeps it light (humorous anecdotes) while delivering a powerful message of redemption, faith and deliverance. The story really consists of two parallel worlds (Material and Spiritual) that have their own unique characters and battles. At different points of the story, the worlds intersect.

I really enjoyed that the all of the characters who fought in God’s army against evil had major flaws, yet God chose to use them anyway. For example, the lead character, Dimitrius, was an ex-Marine who had killed many innocent people in his past. Xavier was a crooked cop who dabbled in drugs and prostitutes. Humans tend to see flaws, but God sees our potential for good, no matter what our past life experiences have been. This premise is illustrated throughout the book, and that is what I like best about it. I like the way Mr.Johnson also inserts relevant scriptures and modern day examples to further illustrate points and enhance the story.

I would highly recommend this book and I look forward to your next one Mr. Johnson!