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was born and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn until the summer of 77’. Then he and his family moved to Montclair, New Jersey where he graduated from M.H.S.  His following years 81-86’, 92’ were spent at Howard University.  Briefly he had to delay his education to fulfill his military obligation to the US. Army, who proudly served in War Campaigns:  Desert Storm/Shield.  Presently he is a proud father of 3 daughters and, a devoted husband for 17 years.  He is a Trustee at his church and a Believer of Christ as well a Disciple of the Holy Trinity.

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My intention is to plant the Seed of Righteousness through fictitious adventures; as they may include real life situations, while referenced with scripture from the Holy Bible.

Troy Johnson


Let it be known that I am not an authority nor have obtained any religious ordinance that is sanctioned by man; to beguile those who teeter on the fence of righteousness. As a believer, it is a responsibility ordered by God to direct to all who seemingly are faithless and misguided. So, not to be a religious fanatic or tunnel vision-ed Christian, but yet striving to be a Disciple, it is my duty to minister the Gospel of Christ. So, in contradiction to a contrite spirit and reaching out to those who refrain from establishing a relationship with God; I will not sugarcoat any venues I’ve chosen to aid in your salvation. The use of profanity, obscenities, sexual content and violence may offend some, but understand this: this is the world we’ve created. Let us not take a blind eye to what is present in our daily lives. In other words, let’s keep it real. See if you can identify the realism by associating with each character, association, situations or complexities that may be presented. Based on your findings, you may be able to manifest some of your own issues and solve them from a spiritual perspective. After all you have ‘Free Will’ thanks be to God, the choice is yours. With that being said, let us look to a higher power for answers and, together watch weight lifted while we no longer sit back and watch the evil that men do.






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The lighter side of darkness

The LSD is a supernatural thriller based on actions taken by GOD to extinguish evil for evermore. In this story ironically GOD commission sinners to rid Hell of Satan by answering the final prayer of Protagonist, (Dimitrius Steele, aka The Redeemer) an Ex- Marine now condemned death row prisoner; by sending him to Hell to save the souls of his family. Unlike (Dante’s Inferno or What Dreams May come) In order to do this, Dimitrius must recruit the souls of the damned; who wish to be redeemed, which causes a rebellion in Hell. While forming a Divine Militia to lead out of the depths of Hell and delivering them to the Kingdom of Heaven, they are faced with the unorthodox complexities only sinners may frequent. Thus, their faith is tested as the destruction of Hell commence. Meanwhile back in the Material World Protagonist, (Father Gabriel) frequently plagued by unexplainable premonitions of the Crucifixion must organize the (New Disciples), together their mission is to unite the 12 Tribes of Israel and the various religions of true believers into 1 prayer in order for GOD to send us his true blessing: The return of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, the true Redeemer. This in turn may prove not to be an easy task due to unforeseen dark forces plotting against Gabriel’s path. Although the two men are fighting different battles, they realize that they are fighting the same war in different places, space and time…. In retaliation, fully aware of the Redeemer’s quest; Antagonist, (Belial, aka Satan) welcomes the challenge by unveiling his powers to destroy the Material World via the unleashing of his Army of Demons causing the beginning of the Apocalypse and the final battle: Armageddon. It’s a requiem of our FAITH, Good vs. Evil and Heaven vs. Hell.


Just Me, Myself & Why?

When a man is faced with a life altering decision, he looks into a mirror to find himself.  Here he is confronted by a multitude of personalities that contribute to who he has become.  ‘For, I am my own enemy.’ With this thought in mind which proves that there is a struggle within.  Which personality will prevail? In his pursuit of truth, he must explore himself in order to unveil the complexities that lie dormant within.  Can he find a common solution to a common problem?

This is a story whose subject matter is so familiar to a large percentage of young black men in America today. Although, in this urbanized psychodrama, the Protagonist, (Rahim) does not share the plight of the majority, for he is blessed with a silver spoon. Does he contribute to an ineffectual statistic? Or does he have what it takes to be a winner?


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